Water Filter SF 207

Super Ultra Filter
Manufacturer: Chanson
₨ 13,500 vat inc





If you're looking for an environmentally-responsible filtration solution that is easy to install and cheap to run, the SF-207 ultra filter is the perfect choice. With its self-flushing function, power-free operation and high-volume capacity, it's a robust, versatile unit ideal for homes or businesses in even the most remote setting.

The ultra filter can be fitted in minutes to any automated water system, giving you up to 5 years' protection against the bacteria and parasites that infest most natural water sources. Made up of thousands of individual membrane strands of superior hollow fibre, the ultra filter captures up to 99% of viruses and contaminants without removing any of the natural minerals in your water supply.

Unlike reverse osmosis systems, the ultra filter requires no electricity to run. It can be installed as a standalone unit or as part of a complete water purification system, making it the perfect choice for rural or sustainable dwellings.


Filtering Stages


Stage 1: Ultra filter (G90)

  • Extend about 3~5 years. (depends on water quality)
  • 0.1~0.01 Micron hollow fiber strands, the depth of tube wall is 0.35mm can extend the life.
  • Removes viruses and bacterium.
  • Self-flushing system reduces operating and maintenance costs


Self Cleaning Cartridge

The Ultra filter auto flushes each time the normal tap is used and hence remove the dirts and impurities. The life time of the ultra filter lasts longer and is economical and environmental friendly.You also save time on maintenance and avoid frequent replacement of the cartridges.

Stage 2: Granular Activated Carbon Filter (G20)

  • Extend about 6 months to 12 months (depends on the quality of water and usage volume)
  • Low initial cost.
  • Removes odor, chlorine, bleaching powder, pesticides and chemical remains.


Stage 3: Activated Carbon Block Filter (G30)

  • Extend about 9 to 12 months (depends on the quality of water and usage volume)
  • Superfine absorbability, removes odor, chlorine, bleaching powder, pesticides and chemical remains.
  • Non-Woven structure can block sediment and carbon.




Healthy water quality:
The Ultra filter physically blocks out contaminants like bacteria, parasites and 99% viruses as the water enters. Water from rivers, lakes and mountains contains the following bacteria:

Keep minerals in the water:
It is efficient and does not remove all natural minerals such as calcium and magnesium.

Environmental Friendly:
The service life of the hollow-fiber filter is 1~3 years. Not waste filter cartridges.

Self-flushing System:
Self-flushing system reduces operating and maintenance costs.

Save energy:
System will operate for several days without power, allowing for continued purification. RO system needs power either high water pressure or

AC power to run.

The installation is easy and convenient:
Compact unit can be easily added to any existing automated watering system.

Big water volume:
Ultra filter can satisfy whole family’s consumption of drinking, washing and cooking.




  • Model:SF-207
  • Dimension:36 x 30.8 x 11cm
  • Weight:4.4kg
  • Water Pressure:14~85PSI (0.5~6kg/c㎡)
  • Water Temperature:5~40℃




   Life Span Design Direction of water flow in filter
Other Filters  Less than 1 year 1 inlet 1 outlet Out -> Inner
 Chanson Super Ultra Filter 3 to 5 years 1 inlet 2 outlets Inner -> Out


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