Ozone Healing Gel

Manufacturer: The Ozone Company
₨ 600 vat inc




 Ozone Healing Gel

Ozone Healing Gel is a pure ozonated olive oil which contains no additives, colourants, preservatives or fragrances whatsoever!

Modern technology has allowed for the development of highly advanced Ozone generators. Oxygen is passed through high voltage fields simulating a lightning storm and Ozone is created. Now, through our unique process, we have been able to perfect what is known as ‘Ozonated Olive Oil’. Ozone Healing Gel is in a gel-like form and because of the high Ozone content and will remain stable and effective for years if kept refrigerated or stored below 15°C.

High Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Vesuvio Landscape

Chosen for its superior quality, we only use extra-virgin, cold-extracted olive oil from the Vesuvio Olive Estate in South Africa

Vesuvio LogoWe use only extra virgin, cold extracted olive oil and medical Ozone in our process. This is one of the reasons that Ozone Healing Gel needs to be refrigerated or stored below fifteen degrees Celsius. After testing many different olive oils, both local and imported, we have opted for Vesuvio from the Cape Winelands region in South Africa, as we have found it to be of consistently high quality and stability.We believe that it is one of the finest olive oils in South Africa.

Each and every batch of Ozone Healing Gel is made with great care and carefully monitored throughout the lengthy Ozonation process – your guarantee that this product is safe, effective and of a consistently high standard. Every time.

Ozone Healing Gel offers:

  • Very potent anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties.
  • Moisturising properties.
  • Very quick results.

Ozone Healing Gel is ideal for conditions where a strong sterilising agent is needed.


Uses of Ozone Healing Gel


(Basically Ozone Healing Gel can be used on any part of the skin that needs healing)


Cold (Massage on chest)

Leg Ulcers (Open Wound)

Anal fistulas


Muscle aches, Sore muscles

Athlete's Foot



Bed Sores (decubitus ulcers)


Poison oak / ivy

Bee Stings

Ear Infections



Fungal Infections (E.g.toe nail)

Rash, Diaper rash



Rough Skin (alligator or dry skin)



Scabies (on animals)



Skin cancer

Candida infection

Inflamed tendons / ligaments


Carbuncles (hair follicle infection)

Hot Spots


Cervical cancer (by vaginal suppository)

Insect Bites

Vaginitis (including yeast infection)



Warts / Planters warts

Cold Sores (Herpes Simplex)

Itch mites

Wrinkles (use as a night cream)


ACNE & PIMPLES: Wash face and apply Ozonated Gel twice daily. Ozonated Gel helps improve circulation to the skin and helps detoxify the skin as well as prevent blemishes. Wash face with Ozonated water if possible to assist even more.

ATHLETE’S FOOT: Apply Ozonated Gel to clean, dry feet 2 to 3 times daily. Ozonated Gel has strong anti-fungal properties.

BRUISES: Apply Ozonated Gel to bruised area. It helps reduce inflammation, heal cellular tissue and speed the healing process.

CHAPPED LIPS: Apply Ozonated Gel directly to lips to encourage rapid healing. Use instead of lip gloss for a natural chemical free shine.

CRADLE CAP: Mix half a teaspoon of Ozonated Gel with a small amount of non-toxic shampoo and leave on scalp for 5 to 10 minutes.

CUTS, WOUNDS, BED SORES: Ozonated Gel is a first aid remedy for all types of skin abrasions or wounds due to its excellent antiseptic and wound healing properties. It is so gentle that it does not sting. Ozonated Gel acts as a mild anaesthetic and encourages rich flow of blood to the damaged area. Apply twice daily.

DANDRUFF AND OTHER SCALP CONDITIONS: Wash hair, then apply Ozonated Gel directly to scalp. Massage thoroughly into scalp. Wrap hair in warm towel and leave on for one hour if possible.

DERMATITIS/ECZEMA: Apply to affected skin areas twice daily. For a lipodermic bath, add one teaspoon of Ozonated Gel to tub water to help heal and sooth skin.

SHINGLES (Herpes Zoster): Ozonated Gel helps heal skin lesions quickly, stop pain and gently soothe the skin. Apply 2 to 3 times a day until healing is complete.

SUNBURN AND OTHER SKIN BURNS: Ozonated Gel can help provide instant relief from heat rash, skin burn and sore skin due to its excellent healing properties. It can also help prevent blistering if applied immediately. Also assists in reducing pain.

TOOTHACHE: Rub a small dab of Ozonated Gel into the gum around the painful tooth 2 to 3 times daily. This helps clear pain and promotes healing.

UNDESIRABLE SKIN LESIONS: Mix a few drops of Ozonated Gel with liquid cod liver oil in the palm of your hand and apply to lesions 2 to 3 times daily.

WHITE SPOTS (Caused by a fungus): The fungicidal properties of ozone help provide rapid solution of white spots on the skin. Apply Ozonated Gel directly to affected areas twice daily.

CELLULITE: Apply directly to affected areas to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Also enquire about steam sauna ozone therapy to assist with the reduction of cellulite.

SKIN MOISTURIZER AND NIGHT CREAM: Use on body and face for an excellent natural moisturizer. Use as a night cream to promote oxygen




Ingredients: Olive Oil, Ozone 
Contains:  25ml (per bottle)
Storage:  Store below 15 degrees C. Avoid exposure to sunlight (UV)
Directions: Apply small amounts to the affected area 2-3 times per day. If gel liquifies, refrigerate.





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I am 35 years old and have always battled with eczema. I have tried hundreds of products costing thousands and nothing worked effectively.
But I must say thank you to Ozone Healing Gel, I stumbled upon it while looking for another product and all I can say is WOW!
I have been using it for 2 weeks now and my friend asked me yesterday if I had just had a facial(something I have never been able to do) because my skin looks great!
Thank you again.

Teresa Van Kersen


As a life long eczema sufferer, I was always ready to try something that doesn’t have cortisone in it. When I get eczema on my hands, I have to cut my nails off because of how badly I would scratch them, the itchiness would drive me crazy. I think I have tried almost everything, and got to a point where I didn’t bother using anything for my eczema. The creams and the gels you buy at the pharmacy, don’t seem to do anything for the itchiness that is caused by eczema.

A friend of mine gave me her bottle of Ozone Healing Gel to try a few months ago. I have to honestly say, that this is the best ointment I have used to date. I found that it took that itchy feeling away immediately. And by not constantly feeling the need to scratch my eczema, I have to admit, it cleared up a lot faster than it usually did. I would strongly recommend this product for anyone who suffers from eczema and it really is a great product.

Port Elizabeth